TOFFS Craft Beer


Carton – 24 cans (375mL)

The Story

During the early 1900’s a parcel of land was donated by a local One Tree Hill resident and was used as a recreational park for cricket and tennis matches.

The “Blue Bloods” otherwise known as the “TOFFS of One Tree Hill”, had their own cliques which held parties, dinners and hunting trips along with their own tennis and cricket team.

Although the divide between the social classes was evident in this small farming town, differences were aside when tools were down, as locals often congregated at the local to share a story over a coldie and salute to the end of a working week.

Style – Pilsner

Tasting Notes – Floral and slight malty aromas with a fresh, crisp and rounded mouth feel to finish.

Under the Liquor Licensing Act of Australia it is an offence for a licensee to supply a minor with alcohol.
You must be of 18+ years of age to purchase.